Bird flu confirmed in three places of Kathmandu valley

Bird influenza has been identified again in three spots of Kathmandu valley. As per the Department of Livestock Services, bird influenza has been affirmed in Ward No. 4 and 9 of Kirtipur Municipality and Ward No. 2 of Chandragiri Municipality.

As indicated by Dr Chandra Dhakal, Information Officer of the Department of Livestock Services, after a continuous polymerase chain response (PCR) test was directed on the examples at the Central Veterinary Laboratory it was learned that the turkeys being raised by the neighborhood ranchers were tainted with bird influenza.

Bird flu confirmed in three places of Kathmandu valley

Dhakal additionally educated that to quickly control and stop the spread of the infection concerned specialists of different domesticated animals associations and of neighborhood and common levels were assembled on Wednesday itself. He said that birds being raised at homes alongside different items in the tainted regions that could spread the disease were additionally annihilated.

According to Dhakal, 535 turkeys, 492 chickens, 76 quails and 20 ducks have been winnowed. Additionally, 198 units of eggs and 900 kg of creature feed were likewise annihilated.

In the interim, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has asked all worried to complete a wellbeing trial of the multitude of birds and domesticated animals items prior to shipping them starting with one spot then onto the next. It has additionally requested that domesticated animals ranchers embrace all essential wellbeing security measures while raising animals and to clean the homesteads consistently.

The service has likewise mentioned individuals not to permit birds kept at homes to interact with wild birds. Besides, it has encouraged individuals to quickly tell the closest domesticated animals administration office in the event that they notice domesticated animals becoming sick or passing on in an unnatural way. It has additionally requested that individuals keep their chickens and ducks in a nook.

Preceding these most recent occurrences, bird influenza had been identified in chickens and turkeys being brought up in Tarakeshwor of Kathmandu and Nakkhu of Lalitpur.

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